Parents Are Now Being Warned To Watch Out For Infantile Spasms

Mar 18, 2016 at 3:27 am |

Infantile spasms are a growing concern among pediatricians.

OMG, as if new parents already didn’t have enough to worry about! Now pediatricians are warning of about a serious and very difficult condition that’s on the rise: infantile spasms.

It’s a unique seizure that occurs in children in the first year of life and are relatively uncommon. For instance, you could be sitting on the couch watching another episode of “Paw Patrol” with your child and not realize that they might be having an infantile spasm right in front of you!

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Source via 25WPBF

Medical professionals are raising awareness about a serious and very difficult condition: infantile spasms.

Find out how you can recognize infantile spasms!