Parents Are Sharing Their Pitiful Breakfasts In Response To One Comedian’s Tweets

Sep 28, 2016 at 2:02 pm |

But the kids eat like royalty!

Like many parents, I get up in the morning to ensure my kids have a decent breakfast before they leave the house for school. For the most part my kids either eat cereal or a bagel or toast, but I always offer up eggs or pancakes or fresh fruit – whatever they want! I just want them to eat!

And like many parents, my breakfast normally consists of whatever’s left on my kids plate when they leave or nothing at all, because I’m too lazy to make myself breakfast.

After comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted out his sorry breakfast, consisting of his daughter’s leftovers, parents everywhere commiserated and sent their own sad breakfast items!

Twitter user Patton Oswalt

Credit: Twitter / @pattonoswalt

Parents everywhere are responding to this comedian’s tweet with their own ‘sad breakfast’ items.

How does your breakfast compare?