Parents Are Speaking Out After A Popular ‘Choking Game’ Killed An 11-Year-Old Boy

Sep 9, 2016 at 10:32 am |

An online game that helps kids feel high.

I absolutely hate hearing stories of accidental deaths that involve children and could have easily been prevented. Our kids are our most precious cargo and it’s just heartbreaking to hear about a child taken away too soon because of a senseless game.

And that’s exactly what happened to one South Carolina couple after their 11-year-old son died while playing a game he learned online. The parents of the young boy are warning others to not only be careful and aware of this deadly game, but to always monitor what your kids are doing online, too.

Garrett Family

Credit: WBTV/Screengrab

One couple is now warning other parents of the dangerous ‘choking games’ kids are learning online.

This is what kids are learning online about the Choking Game