Parents Arrested After They Left Their 4-Year-Old Home Alone So They Could Troll Neighborhood Dressed As Scary Clowns

Oct 12, 2016 at 10:59 am |

What is wrong with people!?

This is getting out of hand!

By now we’re all aware of the scary clown sightings that have been popping up across North America in recent weeks. Most of us have had to deal with frightened children of our own who are crawling in to our beds at night or are simply hard to settle because of the rumored clown sightings.

While many of these sightings and threats have turned out to be pranks, it doesn’t make the fear they are causing among children any less real, which is why this story is so completely unbelievable.

Inside Edition

Credit: Inside Edition

Police are seeking charges of child neglect after a Wisconsin couple left their 4 year old daughter home alone in the middle of the night to terrorize their neighborhood dressed as clowns.

This is unbelievable