Parents Create A Story For Their Son After He Loses Beloved Stuffy And The Internet Responds In The Best Way

Jul 6, 2016 at 10:19 am |

Sometimes the internet is truly awesome!

There is nothing worse than when your child loses their favorite stuffy or blanket or whatever it is that they hold so dear to their heart that they never let it out of their sight. I have one girlfriend who had multiple stuffies for her kids because she was terrified what would happen if they ever lost it. She’d just randomly swap the stuffies out for each other so the child got used to them all, and if one went missing she always had a back up plan. Smart.

One family didn’t have a replacement stuffy when their sons’ favorite stuffed elephant went missing. What they did have though, was the internet and the internet came through big time!

Imgur user kontankarite

When one family’s son lost his favorite stuffed elephant, they told him he had gone travelling. The internet responded in a pretty amazing way.

See how people photoshopped this elephant in to so many adventures!