Parents Find Hilarious Way To Point Out The Really Great Things About Having ADD

Sep 7, 2016 at 12:44 pm |

You down with A.D.D.

I know lots of you either love or hate The Holderness family (or kinda love them but are still kinda annoyed by them) but I’m always pretty amused by their videos, mostly because they always pick songs I really like to parody.

This is the family that brought us the very catchy ‘Christmas jammies’ video, which was their first big viral hit and followed it up with videos set to New Kids on the Block, Rihanna and even DMX. The family’s latest viral video is just as catchy but it also sheds some light on something many families deal with.

Credit: The Holderness Family YouTube

Credit: The Holderness Family YouTube

The Holderness family is back with a new video, this time pointing out how hard it can be to parent if you have ADD, but how great it can be too.

You have to see this video!