Parents Of Infant Son Who Died On First Day At Daycare Reflect On Having A Second Baby

Jul 14, 2016 at 10:54 am |

"I feel like there's a loss of meaning."

Just last November, Amber Scorah wrote a painfully hard to read op ed in the New York Times about losing her 4 month old son Karl. Amber had just returned to work and had dropped Karl off at a daycare close by (so she could stop in and breastfeed him) only to return on her lunchbreak to find him unresponsive, with a daycare staff member performing CPR on the infant.

Karl died on his first day of daycare, and Amber and her husband Lee Towndrow have worked since to campaign for extended parental leave in the United States. The couple have also since welcomed their second child, and they’ve opened up about what it’s like this time around after having suffered through such an unimaginable loss.

The couple who lost their son on his first day at daycare are expecting another baby, and reflect on how things are different for them this time.

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