Parents Share A Horrifying Video Showing Their Son Almost Being Strangled To Death To Warn Other Parents

May 31, 2016 at 12:38 pm |

This is a must see video for every parent

As parents there are so many hidden dangers in our own homes that we need to think about when we have young children.

I know all of us probably did the whole ‘baby proofing’ of our houses when we had babies, including removing and tables with sharp edges and putting those socket protectors in or any number of other things we do to try to keep our kids safe in our own home.

One danger that many of us know about is cords on window blinds.

While many people don’t think twice about window blind cords there are potential dangers in your home to be aware of.


A family from Wisconsin is releasing the video of their son almost being strangled by a blind cord to warn other parents of the dangers in their own home.

Watch this video and see just how quickly tragedy can strike in your own home