Parents Take Their Son’s Love For Imagination To The Next Level

Jun 7, 2016 at 1:47 pm |

Taking parenting to the next level

We all now how important it is for our kids to participate in imaginative play, and how amazing it is to watch them transform themselves in to different characters in different lands.

There’s nothing better than watching your child’s imagination in action. We watch as they pretend the floor is covered lava and they do everything short of breaking their arm to keep from stepping in it. It’s one of those childhood things we miss when it’s gone and sometimes just tolerate when it’s in front of us.

One dad decided to make the best of his son’s imagination and we have to say, he totally one-upped us all.

Credit: Facebook / Daniel Hashimoto

See how this dad turned his child’s adventure play into some pretty amazing action movies!

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