Parents Who Posted Video Of Their Infant Son Waterskiing Come Under Fire By Internet Police

Sep 8, 2016 at 10:40 am |

Everyone is perfect...

Earlier this week I told you about a couple from Winnipeg who found themselves berated by many internet commenters after their infant daughter accidentally fell from a window. Thankfully their daughter is expected to fully recover, but the couple says the nasty and hurtful comments they’ve read online have been unnecessary and  just mean.

Another set of parents, this time a couple from North Carolina is finding themselves under fire by the internet parenting community as well after they posted a video of their 6 month old son waterskiing.

Credit: Robert Absher Instagram

Credit: Robert Absher Instagram

These North Carolina parents are coming under fire after posting a video of their six month old baby waterskiing.

Would you do this with your baby?