People Are Creating Keepsakes Out Of Their Umbilical Cords

Sep 15, 2016 at 11:59 am |

Would you do this?

Over the years we’ve seen new mothers do some pretty interesting things with their placentas ranging from planting them in the back yard underneath a new tree, to having it made in to vitamin capsules for the post partum mama to ingest after delivery.

We’ve even seen a few really creative images that photographers have captured, making words out of the umbilical cord while it was still attached to the baby. It seems umbilical cord art is becoming quite a ‘thing’ now, and more and more women are doing it and keeping their ‘art’ as a keepsake to display.

Credit: Emma Jean Photography

Credit: Emma Jean Photography

New parents are making keepsake art out of their baby’s umbilical cords. For real.

People are getting creative!