People Are Pissed Over This Bakery’s Dress Cake And It’s Really Not A Big Deal

Aug 31, 2016 at 11:05 am |

Ken can never catch a break!

I’m a big fan of creative, over-the-top, never seen or done before cakes and quite honestly, I’ve never seen a cake that I wouldn’t eat based only on the way it looks. I appreciate all the time, effort and artistry that goes into baking a good cake and that’s why I’m always the first person in line with my spoon ready to give it a try (and then consequently wonder why my jeans don’t fit in the following days…. ha!).

Well, as we all know that all cakes were made equal and for some reason or another, people are really pissed over a doll cake that someone made at a Freeport Bakery near Sacramento, California.

With all the fuss surrounding it you would think it poisoned people, but no.

Apparently, it’s poisoning their good judgment instead.

Credit: Facebook / Freeport Bakery

Credit: Facebook / Freeport Bakery

One bakery is facing backlash over a transgender Ken Doll birthday cake.

It erupted on social media and caused quite a stir...