People Are Stacking Cheerios On Their Babies And The Results Are Hilarious

Jun 20, 2016 at 9:55 am |

Of course a dad came up with this!

Cheerios are a staple in just about every home that has a baby in it, am I right? Cheerios were my kid’s first finger foods and I always had a plastic container full of the tiny ‘o’ shaped cereal stashed everywhere.

The Life of Dad Facebook community has come up with an all new use for those delicious little Cheerios we all have in our house, and it has nothing to do with feeding the babies. Dads everywhere are taking the #CheerioChallenge which involves stacking as many Cheerios as possible on the a sleeping baby and taking a picture.

Why am I not surprised a dad came up with this?!

Life of Dad Facebook

Credit: Facebook / Life of Dad

Dad’s everywhere are taking the #cheeriochallenge and seeing how high they can stack the breakfast cereal on their sleeping babies!

See how high they could go!