Photographer Captures Stunning Photos As Mom Gives Birth In A Parking Lot

Apr 20, 2016 at 6:03 pm |

You have to see these pictures!

When Florida resident Paula D’Amore got pregnant with her third child, she vowed she was going to hire a photographer to capture the birth.

After having virtually no photographs of her previous two deliveries, D’Amore decided to hire a professional birth photographer to capture those priceless moments that we tend to forget when we’re bringing a new life in to this world.

Little did D’Amore know how completely incredible those photos would turn out to be!

Paulina Splechta Photography

Photo Credit: Paulina Splechta

Paula D’Amore was en route to the hospital to deliver her third baby when she felt the urge to push! The new mom ended up delivering her daughter in the back seat of her car and thankfully her birth photographer was there to capture it all.

Take a look at the incredible birth photos.