Playboy Model Katie May’s Death May Make You Rethink Going To The Chiropractor

Oct 21, 2016 at 9:36 am |

The 34-year-old’s cause of death has been revealed, and it’s tragic

Playboy model Katie May’s mysterious death at the age of 34, has left family, friends and medical professionals perplexed for several months. “The Queen of Snapchat,” who died on February 4, suffered a major stroke but it was inconclusive as to what caused the catastrophic incident.

However, it was known that May had recently hurt her neck during a photo shoot and visited a chiropractor. As we all know, chiropractics have always been a controversial practice, as there is a certain amount of risk involved.

Well, nearly nine months after her death, her cause of death has finally been announced, and it may make you rethink ever going to a chiropractor again.

Credit: YouCaring / Ms Katie May's Memorial Fund

Credit: YouCaring / Ms Katie May’s Memorial Fund

Mom and Playboy model suffered a catastrophic stroke and reports now reveal what caused the event and have us questioning going to the chiropractor.

How she died really casts a question about going to the chiropractor