Poop Emoji Peeps Are The Only Kind Of Poop To Eat!

Mar 24, 2016 at 8:22 am |

DIY poop emoji marshmallows? Yes please.

Now that it’s almost Easter the stores have been flooded with candy galore. There’s the Easter version of all your favorite chocolate bars and of course, there’s Easter Creme Eggs and my favorite, mini eggs (I love that candy shell!)

There’s  one more candy’ camp or ‘I can’t stand Peeps’ camp. I think I fall somewhere in the latter category, but even I have to admit that these diy marshmallow Peep creations fashioned to look like a very popular emoji are super hilarious and from the sounds of it, kinda delicious.

DIY Emoji Poop Peeps

This is what happens when you combine the ‘poop’ emoji and popular candy Peeps. And it’s adorable.

You have to see what happens when you combine Peeps with the popular 'Poop' emoji!