Pregnancy Rumors Swirl For Blac Chyna… Behold the Kardashian Jenner Family Drama

Mar 22, 2016 at 12:34 pm |

Rumors are swirling about Rob Kardashian's girlfriend and whether she is pregnant.

Stop the presses! Video vixen Blac Chyna just walked down the street with her hand on her stomach, sparking pregnancy rumors from boyfriend Rob Kardashian.

Why do we care?

Because this tangled family drama is our guilty pleasure and it gets better every minute.

Let us take you through the Six Degrees of Separation between Tyga, Chyna, Rob, Kylie, Amber and Kanye.


Source: Instagram

So if Blac Chyna is expecting a baby from Robert Kardashian, and she has a son with Tyga, and Kylie is dating Tyga, what would the two babies be to Kylie?

Try to follow this twisted family drama