Pregnant Mom Shows Off Her Insane Workout Two Weeks Before Giving Birth

Mar 18, 2016 at 12:38 am |

Is this crazy or absolutely amazing?

I might be in the minority by admitting this, but the last time I was pregnant all I wanted to do was sit. And by that, I mean sit on the couch while eating my favorite foods and watching Real Housewives re-runs before those first contractions come on. I knew that once my baby arrived my life would once again change and I wouldn’t have the time anymore to actually relax and wind down, if you know what I mean.

While I think there’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself while pregnant (I stayed active by swimming laps up until I was eight months pregnant), we’ve got to set some sort of limitations on ourselves, right? I mean, I can understand people being very passionate about your workouts, but is there any reason why a mother should kickbox and lift weights when she is about to go into labor? Given the fact that no pregnancy is one hundred percent safe, is it really worth risking your health and possibly your child’s health, too?

Well, not for Chontel Duncan. The Instagram model is making headlines for her INSANE workout that she posted on her social media accounts at 38 weeks pregnant.

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Photo Credit: Chontel Duncan/Instagram

She’s 38 weeks pregnant and Chontel Duncan is making headlines again for her insane workouts.

Watch Chontel work out like a beast even though she's 38 weeks pregnant!