Pregnant Woman’s ‘Belly Button Trick’ Is Actually Dangerous

Jun 8, 2016 at 1:42 pm |

It was actually a health scare!

While I know I shouldn’t do this all the time, yes, I like to consult Dr. Google whenever someone in my family is showing signs or symptoms of an unknown illness. And most of the time I’ll tell you that my guesses are usually right although there have been times when google has been way off on their diagnosis. I mean, the Internet has given me so many frightening illnesses you’d think I would be on my death bed by now.

Yet one reddit user learned the hard way when he shared a video of what he thought was a cool bellybutton trick his pregnant wife was doing with her baby bump. Thank goodness he shared this clip, otherwise his wife would have had major pregnancy complications if this was left untreated.


Credit: Pixabay

Pregnant doctor’s bellybutton “trick” turns out to be a medical issue.

You have to see this video!