Principal Bans Kids From School Pajama Party If He Didn’t Like Their Choice Of PJ’s!

Feb 23, 2016 at 11:59 am |

'No pajama's, no party!'


Does your kid’s school ever have pajama days?

Personally I hate pajama day at school because I always feel the pressure to make sure my kids have some super cute pj’s to wear when in reality my youngest is wearing pj pants that are about 3 inches too short and my middle son wears a pair that have a rip in the knee, but he loves them because they’re his favorite.

My older son prefers to sleep in boxer shorts because he gets hot so I don’t even bother buying him pajamas. Pajama day at school basically causes me more anxiety than it should.



“no pajamas, no party!” Staffers and parents are angry that a school principal excluded certain children from attending a school party because of what they wore!

Should a principal be able to turn kids away for not wearing pajamas?