Professor Holds A Baby For Entire Class After His Student’s Sitter Cancels

Mar 23, 2016 at 12:51 pm |

That's one awesome teacher!

Having kids, while a wonderful experience, can make life a bit more difficult. If you want to do anything, whether it’s train for a marathon or go back to school, you now have another person to think about and their needs have to be met before yours.

Coordinating babysitters is sometimes difficult, but coming up with a contingency plan after that sitter cancels can be even more frustrating. Which is why when Katy Humphrey’s sitter cancelled at the last minute, she scooped up her 4 and a half month old daughter Millie and brought her to her class at Baylor University.


Photo Credit: KWTX News

When one of his students brought her infant to class, this professor stepped up in a big way!

See Katy's professor's awesome reaction to a baby in the classroom!