Public Health Ignored Request to Not Immunize Boy and He Was Vaccinated Anyway

Nov 16, 2016 at 11:37 am |

This is SERIOUSLY unethical

My son is in Grade 7, which means he is able to receive immunizations at school through Public Health. At the age of 12, children can receive the Hepatitis B vaccine as well as the Human Papillomavirus vaccine.

Although I opted just for the Hep B vaccine, the immunization department didn’t receive my consent form , so my son didn’t receive the vaccine on the scheduled visit.

Now, if had HAD received a vaccine that we didn’t opt for (the HPV), I would be furious. This happened to one mom in Toronto.

person getting an injection

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Despite sending the form to the school not giving consent to administer the vaccinations, he received them anyway and mom is furious.

She was understandably upset because there was more to the story than being against vaccines.