Remember These Two Moms Who Had Their Babies Four Weeks Apart ? Their Babies Are So Friggin Cute!

Jun 2, 2016 at 1:11 pm |

Not every bump is created equal!

Fitness model Chontel Duncan got tongues definitely wagging when she began posting pictures of her very fit baby belly during her pregnancy.

One of the pictures that got most sanctimommies fretting about the health of Chontel’s baby was this one showing her and her friend Nat comparing their baby bellies. Nat was only 4 weeks further along (with her third child) than Chontal, but with a visibly larger bump. Many though Chontel was endangering her baby because her bump wasn’t big enough.

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These two moms recreated their controversial bump pic to show that not all pregnant bellies are created equal.

See these moms recreate their 'bump' pic with their babies!