Scary Clowns Are Trying to Lure Kids Into Woods

Aug 30, 2016 at 2:21 pm |

Funny prank or super scary?

I hate clowns. Ever since I watched that memorable scene from the movie, The Poltergeist, I cannot stand to even glance at anything that resembles a clown.

I often wonder why some parents host birthday parties and invite clowns to entertain the kids – that would leave a permanent scar on that child’s life forever!

The fear that a clown invokes is something straight out of a horror movie. Except for one town, it’s not on their TV’s but happening right outside their doors.

scary clown

Credit: Giphy

One town seems to be plagued with scary clowns who are terrorizing children and putting them in danger.

The residents are asked to keep an eye out and BE SAFE