Scary New Report Says More Pregnant Women Die in U.S. Than Iran

Oct 10, 2016 at 10:16 am |

What do these shocking numbers mean for expecting moms?

When a woman becomes pregnant, what do we automatically do? Offer up our congratulations, of course. Congrats! Is the standard go-to for any mother sharing the news of an upcoming addition to her family.

Unfortunately, pregnancy isn’t always just about congratulations and baby booties and diaper cakes. Pregnancy, for a lot of women, is a time of serious medical complications, fears, and lingering hurt after losses. Pregnancy, for a lot of women,can be a scary time. It wouldn’t cross our minds to offer anything up than goodwill and while that’s important, of course, a new report may just make us think twice about only focusing on the happy parts of pregnancy.


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We often believe the U.S is the standard in healthcare but this new report says we could be doing a LOT MORE to stop pregnant women from dying.

Find out what the new reports says about the dangers to pregnant women