School Bans 9-Year-Old’s ‘Controversial’ Hat For ‘His Safety’

Jun 7, 2016 at 12:31 pm |

A dangerous red hat?

While there’s no doubt that our children’s safety at their schools should always be everyone’s number one priority, this might be go g a little too far here.

Are we now scaring our children to not express their views in fear that someone might disagree with them and worse, get violent on school property? Unfortunately, that’s the case for one 3rd grade boy in Fresno, California, who is sticking to his guns when it comes to his constitutional rights.

School administrators are concerned that he might pay a huge price for it…

logan red hat

Credit: NBCi Columbus News

A 3rd grader’s Donald Trump hat gets banned from school due to fears for his safety.

What's so "dangerous" about his hat?