School Wants To Get Rid Of Recess Because Of Playground Bullying

Aug 24, 2016 at 9:59 am |

Some of these excuses are just plain stupid.

I have two elementary school-aged children and if they don’t go outside to get their wiggles out (as I like to put it), they end up going stir-crazy. When they get home from school, my kids need to run, jump, hop, play, swim or ride their bike for the good majority of the afternoon before we settle down to do homework, eat dinner and get ready for bed. If they don’t, more often than not, they end up running around minutes before their bedtime, leaving my husband and I wanting to tear our hair out.

Because let’s face it: they’re kids. Whereas I need a few cups of coffee to kick-start my morning, my children have enough organic energy in them to send them to the moon and back and that’s why I’m so thankful that their school gives them the time they need to burn some energy during recess.

Yet, more and more parents are fighting hard to keep recess in their children’s schools because the schools are coming up with all sorts of insane reasons to eliminate recess altogether.


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These parents are waging a way against their schools for taking recess away.

Some of these excuses are just plain stupid.