See This Bautiful Moment When A Woman Asks Her Step Dad to Legally Adopt Her

Mar 16, 2016 at 3:25 am |

This Moment When A Child Asks To Be Adopted Is Heartwarming

Adoption is a legal process that allows someone to become the parent of a child, even though the parent and child are not related by blood.

The parents-to-be are promising to make this child a part of their family and take care of them the best that they can.

For some people kids make everything and anything more fun, so it’s no wonder people want to have them in their lives.

Ryan Farrell has been called “dad” by Misty Nicole Knight  since she was 5 years old. But she was never legally his daughter.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


This will bring tears to your eyes! Watch the beautiful moment this girl asks the man who raised her to officially become her adoptive dad.

This Family Will Soon Be Forever Changed.