Shakira Told Disney To ‘Put A Little More Meat’ On Her Zootopia Character’s Bones

Feb 19, 2016 at 11:41 am |

The singer voices the animated character Gazelle in the upcoming Disney flick.

We’ve all seen those memes going around that show what Disney princesses would look like if they had bodies like real people instead of – well – animated Disney princesses. The differences are often astounding when you see people actually point out how unrealistic these animated characters are, but personally I never really noticed their body types, I prefer to just get lost in the fairy tale.

When Latin singer Shakira signed on to voice the character of Gazelle in the upcoming (sure to be a hit) Disney movie Zootopia, the powers that be asked Shakira what they wanted her to do to make the character more like herself. It should come as no surprise that the singer, known for her outstanding body and signature dance moves and ‘hips that don’t lie’ had something to say about Gazelle’s figure.



Shakira voices the character of Gazelle in the upcoming movie ‘Zootopia’ and she made one very specific request for her animated alter ego.

Shakira had one very special request for her animated counterpart!