Should Hospitals Be Getting Rid Of Nurseries To Be More ‘Baby Friendly’?

Jul 5, 2016 at 10:25 am |

Or do women need time to recover?

I’m a Canadian who now currently lives in the U.S., and I had all 4 of my kids in Canada, in the same hospital. I had my first child 14 years ago and even at that time, we didn’t have a nursery. Which meant that as soon as I gave birth, I was wheeled back in to my room with my newborn baby despite the fact that I had just gone through 24 hours of labor and was completely and utterly exhausted. When I had my next two children, both delivered via c-section, the same thing happened. My 4th spent his first two weeks in the NICU so it wasn’t an option for him to be with me.

Now it seems that hospitals in the U.S. are leaning towards eliminating nurseries in an effort to be more “baby friendly,” but not everyone agrees with this move.


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In a move to be more ‘baby friendly’ more and more hospitals are eliminating nurseries, but at what cost to new mothers?

Should hospitals get rid of nurseries?