Should We Really Be Hailing A Woman Who Only Took 3 Days Maternity Leave As A Hero?

Nov 11, 2016 at 11:45 am |

To each their own, but....

Every woman’s body responds differently to childbirth. I know I felt different after each of my four deliveries, feeling better with some than with others, but I also knew that at 3 days postpartum I was still waddling around my house, my nether regions slowly recovering from passing an almost 9 pound child through it (3 of my kids were c-sections and at 3 days postpartum I was still trying to avoid looking at the staples that held my body together).

One woman however is being applauded for taking only 3 days maternity leave, and while impressive, is this really something we should be congratulating a woman for?

maternity leave

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Australian football star Kate Sheahan returned to work just 3 days after giving birth and claims she ‘has it all’.

Do you think she's a hero?