Singer Jana Kramer Shuts Down The ‘Mommy Shamers’ Who Try To Make Her Feel Bad

Jun 6, 2016 at 2:41 pm |

This is just getting ridiculous

Dear God ladies, what have we become?! Why must there be so many sanctimommies on the internet who think they know how to raise another person’s child better than they do?! If you want to breast feed, fine. If you want to bottle feed, fine. If you want to let your son wear princess dresses, fine. If you want co-sleep, fine. If you want to sleep train, fine.

Yet, none of that’s fine because the collective mom-dom of the internet for some reason feels the need to tell other mother’s that what they’re doing is wrong any chance they get, and it’s exhausting!

It’s time we, as the internet mom-dom, simply stop criticizing other mothers for how they choose to raise their children and instead focus on being supportive and encouraging.

Credit: Instagram / @kramergirl

Sanctimommies are everywhere on the internet, but one country music star decided to shut them down in a perfect way after she was criticized for how she is feeding her baby.

Her response was so perfect!