Skipping Breakfast Isn’t So Bad For You After All

Feb 24, 2016 at 10:37 am |

Do we need that bagel with our coffee after all?

Being a busy mom who barely has the time to even brush her hair in the morning (let alone find something decent to wear before I drop off the kids at school), I barely have anytime for breakfast. In fact, on some days I don’t eat anything a few good hours after I’ve gotten out of bed if I’m lucky.

And for those of you that are just like me when it comes to finding no time to make yourself a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs before you run out the door in the mornings, I’ve got good news for you: skipping it totally may be beneficial for your diet after all.

Photo Credit Pixaby

Photo Credit Pixaby

New study says we don’t need breakfast in the morning after all.

Do we really need breakfast in the morning?