Some Schools Are Doing This On Election Day Because Of Some Serious Safety Concerns

Oct 28, 2016 at 11:27 am |

Has it really come to this?

While I’m sure there’s plenty of us that wouldn’t be able to agree on politics and differing policies, here’s one thing I’m sure we can settle on: this year has been a bat sh*t crazy year as far as the election is concerned. We haven’t seen this much craziness in our nation’s history and unfortunately, it’s not over yet! People either absolutely love or hate both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and have invested so much emotion into this campaign that some people are really truly worried about what might happen after one of the candidates is elected into office.

That’s why some school districts are so concerned, they are thinking about doing THIS on Election Day, which has never happened before. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, this has me really worried about our country’s future.


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A new report says that some schools are canceling classes on Election Day because of safety fears

What they're doing is a bit extreme... but is it?