Stepmother Tortured Her 4-Year-Old Stepson Because She Resented His Mother

Nov 8, 2016 at 12:45 pm |

There’s simply no excuse for child abuse.

It’s not enough that step moms get a bad rap as it is (mostly due to old clichés that deal with jealously issues and being the ‘other’ mom), but this takes things to a whole new and completely awful level.

Reports indicate that Pennsylvania stepmom Danielle L. Miller was charged Monday with multiple counts of child abuse. What complicated the matters even more though is that the child’s biological father is also being charged simply because he not only refused to step in, but also didn’t report the child abuse even though he allegedly knew it was going on.

Child Abuse

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A Pennsylvania woman is accused of beating her boyfriend’s son and feeding him laxatives and hot sauce.

You won’t believe what she did – and what she said!