Steven Avery Has Already Split With New Fiancée

Oct 5, 2016 at 9:13 am |

Apparently she was in the relationship for all the wrong reasons

Convicted murderer Steven Avery skyrocketed to international stardom last year when Netflix debuted the documentary Making a Murderer. Ever since, he has been a fixture in the news and even the tabloids, as many people maintain that he was wrongly convicted of murder not once, but twice.

Recently he snagged headlines when it was revealed that he was marrying Lynn Hartman, a fan of his. This week a two-part Dr. Phil special is airing, which focuses on the engagement.

The only problem? Steven and Lynn have already split.

Credit: CBS, People

Credit: CBS, People

Steven Avery, who skyrocketed to stardom after Netflix show featured his story, is back in the news again.

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