STFU To The Lady Who Wants Maternity Leave Without A Baby

Apr 29, 2016 at 1:52 am |

Having Kids Is No Walk In The Park.

38-year old non-mother Meghann Foye wrote a recently-released fictional novel called Meternity, which chronicles a woman’s fake pregnancy within her company’s walls (a mommy magazine, natch) while living a “normal” (that means partying) lifestyle outside of work. She plans to see this phony gestation through till the end, fake baby bump and all, to take advantage of paid maternity leave.

I can’t tell you how it ends, as I did not and shall not read it, but the main character probably learns a valuable life lesson about love and life and shit in order to demonstrate the author’s emotional intelligence. Eye roll.

If you feel your blood start to boil, you haven’t even heard the half of it.

Meghann Foye / NY Post


Author Meghann Feye claims even non-mothers deserve paid time off for reflection and that parents get special privileges at work due to having children.

Just Wait Until You Hear What She Has To Say For Herself...