Strong Words From Actress Sally Field For Parents Who Don’t Approve Of Gay Children

Mar 16, 2016 at 12:26 pm |

The actress is a huge advocate of LGBT rights.

As if we didn’t need another reason to love Sally Fields, she’s giving it to us anyway. The Hollywood actress, who is known for being a huge advocate for LGBT rights, is opening up about raising children without the fear that sometimes comes when they are honest about their sexuality.

The actress, whose youngest son Sam presented her with the 2012 Ally for Equality Award from the LGBT’s Human Rights Campaign, says that she is absolutely horrified whenever she hears stories of parents who disapprove –and sometimes even disown their children – when they find out they are gay.

In fact, it even pisses her off.


Photo Credit: Sally Field/Entertainment Weekly

Sally Fields gives her advice to parents who expect their child is about to come out to them.

The actress says, “I’m horrified other parents would disapprove.”