Student Donates Half-Court Shot Winnings to Grandma Who Saved Her From Foster Care

Oct 6, 2016 at 12:52 pm |

This is so sweet!

There’s been enough bad news in the world lately, including way too many creepy clown stories, so it’s nice when we stumble upon a good old feel good story like this!

When University of Kansas student Jordan Stiers won a whopping $10,000 in a half court shot game during a KU preseason game, she already knew what she was spending the money on.

While many university students might love to come in to that kind of money to buy them something nice or even pay off a few bills, Jordan immediately knew she was giving her winnings to her grandma.

Credit: KSHB News

Credit: KSHB News

A student who won $10,000 in a half court shot contest at Kansas University is giving her winnings to her grandma who took her in when she was 10.

See why she's being so generous!