Study Linked Commonly Used Over-the-Counter Medication to Babies Developing Asthma

Jan 11, 2017 at 11:17 am |

More research is needed!


There are so many symptoms that plague pregnant women and sometimes taking medication is one of the only ways to get through those 9-plus months with your health, comfort and sanity still in place. I’m thankful there are many safe medications available because morning sickness, body aches and heartburn is no joke.

Of course, not all medications are safe and we should always check in with our doctor before taking anything while we’re pregnant, but a new study says medication often suggested for one of the biggest pregnancy symptoms may not be as safe as doctors thought.


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A new study has put a potential link to using a common over-the-counter medication with babies developing asthma.

This medication is so popular with pregnant moms, this may change that though!