Summer With Netflix Is Going To Be… Marvel-ous!!!

May 25, 2016 at 5:02 pm |

Check out the list of new releases here!

Some people really hate summer tv. It always seems like network execs are trying out their C- and D-list material on us suckers to see what sticks. How grossly unfair!

Thanks to the gods, then, for streaming services. They haven’t been in our lives for all that long, but we’re totally addicted to them. After all, we wouldn’t have the term ‘Netflix and chill’ without the Netflix.

The pioneering streaming service has just released their summer lineup (including Disney, huzzah!), which basically saves us from the horrors of network television and, you know, doing stuff. You’re going to love the Hot Moms Club-approved options!

Credit: @_jeslena Instagram

Netflix has released their new summer lineup of streaming shows and movies, including Disney programming.

It's an impressive collection...