Surprise! A Chart-Topper Announces She Is Pregnant And We Had NO Idea

Nov 14, 2016 at 9:41 am |

She is pretty far along by the looks of it

Most people announce their pregnancies when they are around three months, after the doctor gives them the go-ahead that things are looking good. Celebrities often wait a little bit longer to make a public announcement, usually sharing the exciting news with their family and friends first, and revealing their exciting news to the world either right when they start showing or after the media begins speculating on whether they had a big sandwich for lunch or that they are indeed pregnant.

Well, a certain chart-topping singer made a bombshell announcement over the weekend that she is expecting, and we were totally caught off guard.

Some intimate belly touching

Credit: juanaunion/Bigstockphoto

She announced she was pregnant with a big bump photo and we’re impressed she was able to keep it secret for so long.

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