Surrogate Mom Who Kept Baby With Down Syndrome Shares Story In New Book

Apr 20, 2016 at 6:11 pm |

She says she ‘hit the lottery’ with daughter Delaney.

In 2013, Andrea Ott-Dahl initially served as a surrogate for friends of hers that were having trouble getting pregnant. Little did she know that a certain turn of events would change her life forever.

Two months into the pregnancy, Ott-Dahl found out the child would be born with Down syndrome. Upon hearing the news, the baby’s mothers decided they no longer wanted to have the baby and urged Ott-Dahl to terminate the pregnancy.

That’s when she made a decision that would not only change her life, but save the unborn baby, too.


Photo via Andrea Ott-Dahl/YouTube

Surrogate mother who kept a baby with Down syndrome after the parents told her to have an abortion is sharing her story in a new book.

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