Susan Sarandon’s Daughter Eva Amurri’s Shocking Reason Why She Had To Fire Her Nanny

Mar 1, 2016 at 11:29 am |

When your nanny is sending texts about your husband saying she wants to "f--k his brains out" is a pretty good reason!


Actress Eva Amurri, who is Susan Sarandon’s daughter has been sharing her motherhood journey on her blog Happily Eva After ever since she welcomed her daughter Marlowe with husband Kyle Martino. Normally Eva tackles subjects like ‘is there too much pressure to have sex after baby’ on her blog, but her most recent post is decidedly jucier than sex after baby!

We’ve all heard the stories about famous married celebrities cheating with their baby nanny, which aside from being super douche-y is also pretty pathetic seeing as this is the person who has been hired to take care of your kids as well as so very cliche. However this past year alone there has been the Nannygate scandal with Ben Affleck and the rumoured reason why Gwen Stefani left Gavin Rossdale.

Now Eva is blogging about her very own nanny scandal, and it’s pretty crazy!




Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri details a recent crazy experience with her Nanny after her husband was sent a very inappropriate and very trashy text!

When you read a text from your Nanny that says she's wants to 'f*ck your husbands brains out' you really only have one option!