Teacher Accused of Punching Child in the Face After Saying She’s ‘Tired of Him’

Nov 3, 2016 at 11:28 am |

I can’t believe this happened!

It’s without a doubt that every teacher has gotten frustrated with at least one student during the coarse of their careers. But even during the most trying times if there’s one thing teachers should never, ever do, it’s place a hand on another child. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to one second grade student after a Houston-area teacher’s lack of patience got the best of her.

As a parent, I’m absolutely appalled and terrified that something like this can happen in our schools, especially when we trust teachers and administrators to take care of our children the same way we would ourselves.

But that wasn’t the case with one teacher who said enough is enough while she proceeding to take matters into her own hands with one very unruly student.

angry teacher

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This teacher is being accused of striking her second grade student in the face!

Here’s what happened...