Teacher Asks Students: ‘What Do You Wish Your Teacher Knew’ and Their Answers Are Heartbreaking

Sep 2, 2016 at 11:16 am |


Teachers are more than just school faculty staff. Sure, they are there to teach them complicated spelling words, their math facts and give them science and geography quizzes, but most fantastic teachers I know also help develop a nurturing environment. They help their students grow with confidence they need while also teaching them the core values of life they should carry both in and outside of the classroom: showing compassion, empathy, respect.

That’s why one Colorado teacher is making a difference, one note at a time. I have to tell you that we sometimes don’t give our children’s educators the credit that they deserve.

Third grade teacher Kyle Schwartz is a great example of a teacher who actually cares about her students. It’s amazing how children can express their feelings on paper more so than verbally. You’ve got to see what she did to help make this happen.

Kyle Schwartz

Credit: Kylie Schwartz/Twitter

Third grader teacher Kyle Schwartz asked her students to write them letters about what they wish she knew about them.

The outcome is eye opening...