Teacher Caught On Camera Hurting A Special Needs Child

Mar 29, 2016 at 12:08 pm |

This will make your blood boil!

Oh Hot Moms, I know this will make your blood boil as much as it does mine!

School is supposed to be a fun and safe place for our children to go every day. They’re supposed to be so eager and anxious to get there, see their teachers and play with their friends that sometimes they forget to even say goodbye to us. As parents, we’re supposed to feel confident that our kids are in a safe and happy space when we drop them off.

Which is why this video of a special needs teacher knocking down a young pre-k boy in a hallway will make you see red!


Photo Credit: CNN

Shocking video of a school teacher knocking down a young boy with special needs down has led to her arrest.

Watch the surveillance video of the entire incident.