Teacher Threw 6-Year-Old Student’s Shoes Into Trash And Mom Is NOT Happy

Aug 31, 2016 at 11:19 am |

Talk about abuse!

When it comes to teachers and school administrators, I try to give them as much support as possible because let’s face it, they sometimes have the toughest jobs in America. Taking care of and educating 20 plus children in a classroom is no easy feat, especially for a teacher who is expected to stay alert and ready from the moment school begins in the morning and until the last bell in the afternoon.

Yet, I can’t wrap my head around one teacher who decided it would be a good idea to humiliate her student in front of the entire class for something that could have been taken care of in less than a few seconds.

While I can understand some teachers feeling stressed out, overworked and short-tempered, this is just totally unnecessary.

kids shoes

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One parent is absolutely irate after finding out that her daughter’s shoes were thrown in the trash by her teacher.

The teacher absolutely humiliated this child for no reason.