Teachers In Texas Are Now Allowed To Carry Guns Into The School

Sep 23, 2016 at 12:35 pm |

Packing heat.

Maybe I enjoy living in my little bubble, but I still want to believe that when we drop off our kids at school every morning, we can rest assured that they are learning in the safest, most trusting environment possible. Every parent wants to feel like they’ve made the right decision knowing that their children are in good hands while under the care of school administrators, the staff and teachers.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. Simply turning on a news channel these days can clearly remind us that we live in an ever-changing world.

And that’s why one school district in Texas and their decision to arm teachers is creating quite the stir this week.

gun safety

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There’s a new report that says Texas school teachers can now carry guns inside their classrooms.

You know, because the world isn't scary enough they go and do this...