Teachers Reveal The Most Disturbing Things Kids Did In Their Classroom

Jun 13, 2016 at 12:47 am |

Is your child a villain in the making?

We all get a little annoyed with our own kids from time to time and sometimes we just don’t understand the odd choices they make.

One morning you wake up and your child put ketchup in their breakfast cereal. Your toddler with long hair decided to cut it really short when you looked away for two seconds and your kid comes home with a note from school saying your son shouted out “booger” in the middle of a math test.

It does’t make sense to us and sometimes teachers have to deal with some disturbing things from kids, too. Recently a large group of teachers from all over shared the something they’ve come across a child doing that they swear makes them a “villain in the making” and it helps us forgive some of the weird things our own kids do because these children are straight up scary.

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If your child is getting on your nerves, these “villains in the making” stories from teachers will put your mind at ease.

Kids can really do some messed up stuff and it’s almost too hard to believe.